My Aroids and other plants in the grow tent


I love how beautiful my aroids and other finicky plants grow in the grow tent. I just checked them tonight to see who needed to be watered and they are all mostly doing great. I did also put my cissus discolor in there and it is starting to grow up the side of the grow tent. I thought the cissus was dead, because it was looking really rough out in the sun-room. I kept forgetting to water it but it has snapped back. I had thrown it in there just for the heck of it and it is going crazy. I have another plant in there that does poorly as a houseplant but in the tent it does really well. I wish I had more room, because there are so many other plants I would like to put in there. I am considering buying a 2nd one that is smaller and putting it in my upstairs closet.

Alocasia Silver Dragon is doing especially well and has just put out a new leaf. I find this beautiful plant very easy to grow so far but I haven’t grown him outside the grow tent.

Philodendron Verrucosum just keeps growing 1 leaf after another. I had to move it off the shelf because it grew so tall it was up in the light.

Ace of Spades is still getting over me replanting him into a terra cotta pot so I put him in here to help it get through this shock.

This beautiful little Alocasia Black Velvet loves it in here. I was worried about putting him in here at first because of spider mites but I don’t see any on him. Spider mites absolutely love Alocasias so keep them as humid as possible.

Anthurium Forgetii loves the grow tent and grows no matter what in here. Anthurium Regale is a bit fussy. This plant died all the way back a little while after I got it and it started to grow back for me. Now it has brown spots so I don’t know what the problem is with him.

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