It has been a while, here is what is going on with the plants with aroids included


This year I decided it was going to be the year that I finally paint the sun-room. Ever since I moved into this house I have wanted to paint the drab tan sun-room walls but I have put it off until now. Well, in April I decided to order the paint online, because I didn’t want to risk going into Home Depot and standing in line for paint due to Covid19. You can actually order all of the paint colors from the Home Depot website and have it delivered to your home for free if you spend over a certain amount. It did take a while to get to me so I didn’t get it until the end of May.

I planned to do the painting either on a weekend or when I am on vacation and that ended up being a mistake because it was during a heatwave and it was in the mid to high 90’s and it ended up being 100 degrees in the sun-room. Even with the intense heat, we did get the main painting done but I still have to paint the trim around the windows and I am going to make my own base and paint it to match the window frames, we also plan to acid wash the floor, possibly replace the windows and add a mini-split heating/cooling ductless system to heat the room so the plants can stay in here all winter. It would also be nice to have an air conditioner in here so we could enjoy the room during the summer. The temperatures have started to calm down finally even though due to the rain it has been nice and sticky today. Oh well, I guess you can’t have it all.

Here is the large grow tent before I emptied it.

The plants are in a state of disarray right now but the walls are a beautiful clear aqua color

Plants are everywhere…

The bigger plants overwhelming the potting bench.

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