How I overwinter my houseplants in cold Ohio


It is that time of year again when the weather is getting crappy in this less than desirable climate that I live in. I have acquired so many plants over the summer that I am struggling to come up with places to put them all. Sometimes I wonder when it is just getting too much but I could never part with any of these plants and I continue to desire rare plants even with the large amount that I have now.

I have been researching ways to heat and update the sun-room so maybe next year I will be able to leave all my plants in the sun-room where they get plenty of sunlight especially on cold winter days. One of the first things I want to do is paint the ugly brown walls/ceiling and everything else another color that is not brown. Maybe adding some insulation to the exterior walls will help too and if I can find some nice new awning windows I can have the windows open in the summer.

So for the time being all my plants are up in my office and I have installed several grow lights to help with the lack of sun over the winter. The lights I am using are inexpensive lights I bought on Amazon. I love the way these lights look and work and they are low wattage so the electric bill won’t go through the roof. Here is a link to the lights I bought: LED Grow lights.

These grow lights are so much nicer to have in the house than the purple lights. I am just not a purple lights kind of girl. People can see the purple lights from the street and people have asked me what was up with the purple lights. I also hook all my grow lights up to these Timers.

Here is my what my office looks like now. I need to do a lot of organization with the plants and I plan to add grow lights to the bedroom to put some of the plants in there. See how nice the grow lights look? I even put grow lights on the Hoyas this year. Last year the poor Hoyas stagnated in a north window with no additional light. Hoyas don’t like it when it is cold and dark so they sulk all winter if you don’t go the extra mile to accommodate them.

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