The hype over Philodendron Pink Princess and how I care for this plant


Recently there was another plant channel that expressed anguish for this over hyped plant and how ugly/undesirable it is in one of her videos. I have to disagree with her opinion. I bought this plant a couple of years ago and although it hasn’t grown that big, I find it to be a rather easy to care for and beautiful plant. It has these beautiful pink candy sized specks of pink on dark green leaves. I wish she would grow faster but I have no problem with being patient. I have grown this plant in a regular room, a grow tent, a three season sunroom and now she is happily growing while hanging on my wall in a south facing dormer. She seems to be unusually happy in the location she is at the current time but this wasn’t always the story with this plant of mine.

When I first received this plant from an eBay seller, she had 2 beautiful leaves that looked perky at first but then over time they began to look less than happy. I almost became discouraged and thought I would lose this plant so I placed her in the grow tent with other aroids. Most plants that I put in that tent come around and start to thrive due to the humidity, airflow and light. She began to grow leaves and seemed to thrive until I discovered she had thrips on her so I took her out. I treated her and put her back on one of my shelves until the weather warmed up and put her out in the sunroom where she spent the summer. Somewhere along the way her leaves became perky and beautiful.

Care tips: I currently have her growing in a terra cotta orchid pot in a well draining, chunky soil mix. When I notice she is dry, I make sure to water her because she doesn’t thrive if left to dry too long. She seems to be happy hanging on the wall because maybe she thinks she is growing in a tree but who knows, that is just my guess. I noticed how beautiful she looked the other day so I felt she deserved to be talked about. So I encourage you to get your hands on this plant because she is a pleasure to grow once you figure out what she likes. Yes, she is not for everyone but neither are many other plants. She is a keeper for me and I am happy she is now thriving in the environment that I am able to provide for her.

This pic was taken right after I received the plant, in August of 2018:

Here is a pic taken in October of 2018, notice the drooping leaves:

And here is the latest pic taken in November of 2019 in it’s current location in a south exposure:

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