Growing Anthurium Clarinervium


I have been growing this beautiful plant for about 2 years and I have been pretty successful so far. Pretty successful in my book means that I haven’t killed it yet. I find it to be such a beautiful plant and one of the easier to grow Anthuriums that are available.

Anthurium Clarinervium in the grow tent

When I first became aware of this plant, it was very difficult to get in the states although I found a post on Houzz about someone that has been growing it in Georgia since the 80’s which I found very interesting. When I was a kid my mother never had interesting plants like this. She liked to grow asparagus ferns which I do not have or desire to have in my collection. I used to get so irritated when I bumped into them because they would stick you and as a kid that was truly annoying. Never has the Clarinervium stuck me, this plant just likes to sit pretty as if it is looking at you. I am not going to do a tutorial on how you should grow it but I will explain how I grow it where I live. Mind you that I live in a very unpredictable climate where it can be 90 degrees Fahrenheit one day and 30 degrees the very next day.

This plant is very resilient but it can also go downhill fast if it is not happy. Also, thrips do love this plant so they can make the plant very unhappy and the leaves will become unsightly if thrips get on the plant so hose down the plant and treat it. I grow all my Clarinerviums in terra cotta pots because they do like oxygen at the roots and they do not like to sit in soggy soil or the roots will rot. They also do not like to dry out much but they need a chunky, well draining soil. I like to mist my guys and it seems to make them very happy as seen in the pic above of my plant and not to mention beautiful. If they are really happy then they will send out blooms and grow some fertile seeds for you to germinate. I currently have 4 seedlings growing from a previous fertile bloom. One of my plants did bloom this summer but unfortunately it did not produce fertile seeds for me this time. Next time I am going to feed the plant to see if I can get some seeds.

By chunky soil I do mean a nice potting soil with orchid bark, perlite, chicken grit, sphagnum moss and charcoal added to it and mixed throughly. Make sure to use good chicken grit, I will provide links below to all the products I use. I do order most of my stuff on Amazon because it is most cost effective for me but sometimes I will run to the local nursery or big box store to get something in small amounts if I need it.

Below are some pics of the seedlings and the stages they have been in during the germinating and growing process. They were quite easy to germinate once I figured out how to do it.

Here is the latest pic of the seedlings and they are doing great, they were in the Biorb but the leaves started to turn yellow so I took them out.

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