Shelter in Place Due to Covid 19 and New Plants


The governor in the state of Ohio has imposed a stay at home order for the entire state due to the COVID pandemic. We are allowed to go out for essential stuff like food, supplies and gas but they really want us to stay in our house right now. They do encourage that we go out for walks but we have to keep a 6 foot distance from others. This doesn’t bother me because I am an introvert but the part I don’t like is the plant and pottery stores will close because they are not essential.

Now that spring is here we want to go out and garden but we will be limited to home improvement centers like Lowes and Home Depot. I know this Is for the best to keep the virus from spreading but it is frustrating. Life is so different now and when will it go back to the way it was? I especially feel bad for all the people who are now struggling with this virus and their family members. I also feel for the health care workers and all they are doing to care for the patients. I also feel bad for all the restaurant and bar workers who are now out of a job. I even worry about losing my job and also worry that my husband will lose his job.

How long can this go on and when will the money run out and businesses not be able to pay the workers that are working at home anymore? Maybe I worry too much but I have never lived through something like this. I have lived through wind storms, ice storms and blizzards where we lost power for a few days and didn’t have to go to work but this is different and scary to say the least. Every day is unknown territory right now. I also worry that if I get sick, who will take care of my plants? I know my husband can care for my dogs and pets but he is not really interested in the plants. Every time I buy a new one he says it looks like the ones I already have.

So stay safe everyone and please try to stay at home if you can to help stop the spread

of this terrible virus. The more people stay at home, the faster we will get past this.

Now onto some good news about new plants:

The plant on the right is my new Anthurium Warocqueanum Dark Form. I just received this plant about a week ago and I am hoping it does as well as the one on the left.

This plant is anthurium Crystallinum red form and I received this one about a week ago from NSE Tropicals. I have had this one before but I ended up overwatering it and the plant died. This plant is smaller than the one I had before, this is a small seedling.
This one is Anthurium Crystallinum and I have this one in water right now because the roots were extremely small. The day I got it, some of the leaves were quite floppy but it has since bounced back and the leaves are firm.
Here is my new Philodendron Birkin. This plant is so pretty because the new leaves are so striped and beautiful. I am hoping this one is as easy as most philodendrons. I received this one from a seller on Etsy.

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