Time for some pest treatment and moving of the larger Aroids today


Now that most of the Hoyas are in the large grow tent, I have been treating some of the larger aroids and moving them in there also. I am going to have to be creative because the Hoyas took up so much room and I have a lot of aroids to fit in the tent. I am going to keep the smaller grow tent for propagating and smaller plants. The Hoyas have only been in the large tent for a week now and I am already seeing some growth starting. Hoyas do amazingly well in grow tents and greenhouses.

Before I moved some of the aroids into the tent, I made sure to treat them for pests. I have a sink in the basement so I sprayed them off to knock off any pests and then did a mixture of need oil and Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap. I read somewhere that the Castile soap is supposed to melt their exoskeleton so let’s hope that works. I have learned that treating aroids is an ongoing job and you have to switch up your treatment so they don’t become immune to your pesticide. Next time I plan to do the same regime of spraying off the leaves but I will use Captain Jack Deadbug instead. Once I spray the pesticide on, I let the plants sit for 15 to 30 minutes and then I spray the leaves off again with water. I don’t like leaving the pesticide on the leaves for good because I don’t want any burning or stressing out of the plants. I I figure another spray will help get any bugs that were missed the first time I sprayed.

Here are the links to the pesticides I use regularly, please note that once you mix up a Neem solution with the soap, you should use it right away or within the next few hours because it will lose it’s effectiveness if you don’t. Neem is hard when it is cold so you will have to run the bottle under hot water before you mix it.

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A view of some of the initial aroids and the Hoyas to the right.

I love this plant, it has grown to be so big. It is sitting on a full size clothing dryer for size reference. This is Anthurium “Ace of Spades”.
Just a close-up of the wet aroids after being treated.

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