The Risks with Ordering Rare Plants Online During the Winter


I haven’t ordered many plants this winter because I hate taking the chance of the plants arriving frozen and dead. I just watched a video on youtube where a plant tuber ordered $300 in plants from Indonesia and they all arrived dead from the cold. So I had ordered a couple of plants at the beginning of February before I watched this video and of course I started to get stressed out worrying about the plants. I became obsessed with the tracking of the package and today it said it was going to be late instead of arriving today as planned. So my anxiety started to go up that these 2 plants would arrive dead. Well, luckily the package showed up today. The one plant faired really well with a little bit of cold damage but the other did not do so well but it is still alive so I cut it from it’s roots at the node and placed it in filtered water. I have saved so many philodendrons by chopping them from their roots and putting them in water. I did end up putting the part with the roots in sphagnum moss and placing it in the small grow tent. It would be nice if I ended up with two plants.

This beautiful creature is Philodendron Paraiso Verde and I have been looking for this plant for such a long time. I suspect that the spot on the bottom of the leaf is a bit of cold damage but the other 2 leaves are fine and there is a new leaf growing out already. I am hoping this guy doesn’t go into shock.

This poor little guy is Philodendron Fibrosum and he didn’t travel very well but I am hoping for the best. I have tried this plant twice before but want to try it again. No the plant is not off to a great start but my Philodendron Verrucosum died all the way down to the dirt and he has grown back like crazy so I know there is hope. Aroids can be tough plants when they want to be.

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