COVID-19 and Caring for my Anthurium Warocqueanum


With all that is going on right now, it makes it difficult to know what to write about in this blog. I am still caring for my plants and have received some new ones. I would like to just hide in my grow tent until this horrible virus goes away. My plants just keep on growing like crazy without a care in the world. The people in this community on the other hand have emptied the shelves of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and now they have moved onto hoarding of food. Stores have reduced their hours so soon there will be no more 24 hour grocery stores. I was scheduled to take another pottery class but now that has been cancelled. My son’s school has been cancelled for the next 3 weeks. This is just not a fun time and I wish things would go back to normal but I know things will probably get worse before they get better.

So now onto some plant stuff to take our minds to a better place. My Anthurium Warocqueanum is doing very well right now. I know some growers struggle with this plant and I almost lost mine at one point. I received this plant back in 2018 from NSE Tropicals before everyone started going crazy for aroids. It was a lot smaller and I really didn’t know how to care for it at first.

Back in summer of 2018, I was growing this plant in my south facing sunroom and this plant almost died from a missed watering and it didn’t do generally do well in the heat of the sunroom. The plant lost all of it’s leaves and I didn’t think it would come back but it surprised me.

I soon placed this plant in the small grow tent to help speed up the growth and that worked really well.

Growing very nice in the small grow tent.

And then when I took her out of the small tent in summer of 2019 to put back into the sunroom I noticed the beautiful long leaf she had grown.

Such a beautiful leaf and I made sure to keep her watered so she wouldn’t dry out and lose all of her leaves again.

Here she is when I brought her back in the house in December of 2019:

And now here she is in March of 2020:

In order to grow this plant and keep her happy, she likes bright light in a well draining mix of potting soil and perlite. She doesn’t like to dry out and she doesn’t like extreme heat. I keep the grow tent at about 76 degrees F during the day with 65% to 70% humidity. The temperature does decrease a few degrees at night and the humidity goes up to around 80%. She grows in a terra cotta pot hanging inside of a wooden orchid basket. The grow lights are T5 fluorescent bulbs and I have them on timers at 12 hour cycles. I also have a fan that runs during the day cycle to provide circulation for the plants. Anthuriums need good circulation. I highly recommend this plant and this is one of my fav aroids of all time that I have grown.

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